Sun, 28 Feb 2016

RIP. This time for real. I don't want to
care or even to hear about this software
anymore. No regret, no bitterness, I'm
just definitively done with what I wanted
to do here.

These are the ultimate legacy releases
you will ever get of the projects hosted
here. All of them are from now on in the
public domain, so you can really do
whatever you want with it:

  GUST, a Slackware tagfile generator.
   | gust-IV.14.1.tar.bz2
   | MD5: 4c09230b52113f5c84831030dc70f7c2

  Spack, a Slackware-like package manager.
   | spack-3.14.tar.bz2
   | MD5: 1925de9debad4d693578966718e507d7

  Tofu, a text-based todo manager.
   | tofu-3.5a.tar.bz2
   | MD5: ca3b57cffbf0f37634f616c5ccfea7f3

If you ever wish to continue some of them,
just let me know so I'll gladly redirect
people to you: sbb<Α>