Tofu: plain (stupid) text-based todo(s) manager

Welcome on the home page of tofu. If you are looking for a convenient way to manage your todo list(s) that doesn't depend on the whole opensource Creation nor doesn't install a dead horse on your disk, well... maybe you are not totally lost. :)

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Tofu provides an easy, very lightweight, and efficient way to manage your todo list(s). It is primarily dedicated to (command-line addicted) developers, but should be convenient for other usages (administration, documentation, and so on).

The leading idea is quite simple: all the tasks are bundled in a plain text file, then tofu provides an interface to order, tag and manipulate (list, view, edit, delete, ...) them easily through built-in or user-defined commands.

Screenshot of the "digest" view


Tofu is released under the terms of the very permissive MIT/X11 license, reproduced at the head of the script. To get the latest release of tofu, use the links bellow:

The lucky users of Slackware can also download directly the Slackware package from this site.

Tofu is a mere Perl script, only depending on the Perl's standard library (no extra modules needed). It was tested with Perl 5.12 under Linux but should work fine with any version since the 5.8.8 and with other operating systems (*BSDs, in particular). So, to use it, you just need a "recent" Perl interpretor.

Help & contact

The README file inside the archive should tell you all you need to know to install tofu. Then, in order to learn how to use it, you can read the tofu.1 manual and the tofututo.7 tutorial.

For ununderstandable or obscur things, bug reports, fixes, suggestions, feedbacks, questions, and so on, you can contact (in English or in French) the maintainer (Seb) here: sbb(a)tuxfamily*org (replace "(a)" with "@" and "*" with ".").

Enjoy ! ;)