Requiescant: free stuff which rests in peace

Welcome on this personal web space, dedicated to the free projects I (Seb) develop and maintain, and to the Opensource world in general.

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Currently, this site aims to host all of the little softwares I wrote, although I don't exclude to release other things here (documentation, configuration files, and so on... ) in the future. Like many other Opensource projects, it will depend on my time and my enthusiasm. :)

Let me rapidly introduce myself (hey! it's a personal website, isn't it? ;-): I live in France, I am an happy linux user (since October 2002) who runs Slackware Linux (since October 2004) and was involved in the francophone Slackware community for a long while, I code primarily in Perl or in Shell and I am a command-line junky. Generally, I release things under BSD-like licenses (MIT/X11 to be precise) but I don't have anything against copyleft itself (I have an Opensource sensibility rather than a Free Software one: I don't think philosophical questions really matter as far as people can work together — which is certainly a kind of philosophy, right).

End of the topic, still here? :-)

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